Friday morning, January 12th was a cold and windy day in Norman.  Would the Elvis Day Event at the city’s Adult Wellness and Education Center be postponed? When I got there around 11 a.m. the parking lot was nearly full. Inside classes where in full swing and members where milling around, playing cards and billiards, watching TV or simply sitting and chatting.
Aging Services was preparing to serve lunch in the Multipurpose room. Velvet Elvis paintings were in progress in the Dry Craft Room and a few members were working out in the Fitness Center. All of that before lunch!
During lunch Elvis performed on stage!!
Later that afternoon I talked with Katherine Leidy, Healthy Living Norman Branch Manager. I asked her if it was usual for the parking lot to be full as it was when I arrived.
“I would like to think that more people came for the Elvis Day Event but in truth if you come here any day between 11 and 1 it will be full. Aging Services serves lunch during that time,” she said.
But lunch certainly wasn’t the only thing happening there  that day. The gym had people working out on the equipment and walking the indoor track. Others were in the pool exercising and relaxing in toasty warmth during this frigid day.
“Membership is $35 a month. But we do have a sliding scale for those with lower incomes. We also accept Silver Sneakers and Renew Active, which cover the monthly membership fee,” Leidy explained.
Membership includes access to the gym and pool as well as all activities and classes. While some classes may have a fee for materials, entry is included. For instance, during the Elvis Day Events, the painting classes had a small fee but the Cooking Class: A Healthy Twist on Elvis’ Favorites did not. Neither did the Elvis Movie Marathon or Jeopardy: Elvis Edition.
This is an awesome new center geared to 50+ persons to encourage  health, wellness and camaraderie. If you want to just check it out they have a day pass for $10. Check out the schedule of events at

PS I heard a rumor about Beatle Mania in February!