The Metropolitan Library System continues to share exciting programming in March. Continuing are Crowns Tea events, plus the addition of Women’s History Month events, a book signing with Gwenna Laithland also known as Momma Cusses on TikTok, STEAM Break activities, and a special virtual discussion through the library’s partnership with the International English Library in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Women’s History Month at the Library
“Celebrate the Women of Oklahoma: A Film for Women’s History Month” March 7, 6:30pm at Belle Isle Library (5501 N. Villa Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73112) Oklahoma’s history is rich with pioneering women who broke barriers and made lasting impacts. From the “Wild West Women” of the late 1880s to the first woman elected to political office in the state, a transformative high school coach, and a community-focused banker, these women’s stories are celebrated in an award-winning OETA series.
March 16, 10am at Downtown OKC Library (300 Park Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73102) Join us this Women’s History Month for a journey into the past with Clare Westmacott as she delves into “And Now I Am All Alone,” the upcoming memoir of her grandmother’s diary and experiences during World War II. Clare Westmacott will lead a thought-provoking conversation on March 16 at the Downtown OKC Library, offering insights into Klara’s life, frustrations, fears, and hopes for her children in London and Germany during the war, as documented from 1940 to 1944. This discussion promises to shed light on the varied experiences of women during World War II. Join us from 10:00 am to 11:30 am at the 46th Star Auditorium. Join us at noon for refreshments and community-building. Registration is required and guests can attend in person at the Downtown Oklahoma City Library or virtually via Zoom. Reserve your spot today at

Crowns Tea at the Library
“The Crowns Tea” hosted by Thick Descriptions celebrates the rich heritage of church hats, inspired by the book “Crowns: Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats.” Attendees showcase splendid headpieces, creating a vibrant tapestry of diversity. The event invites reflection on the historical significance of church hats, fostering intergenerational connections. “The Crowns Tea” transcends fashion. To experience the magic of The Crowns Tea, register at [email protected] or call 405-397-0584.
* Sat, March 2, 2pm at Belle Isle Library (5501 N. Villa Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73112) * Sun, March 3, 2pm at Bethany Library (6700 NW 35th St., Bethany, OK 73008) * Sat, March 16, 2pm at Del City Library (4330 SE 15th St., Del City, OK 73115)

Book Signing: Momma Cusses with Gwenna Laithland
March 7, 7pm at Midwest City Library (8143 E. Reno Ave., Midwest City, OK 73110) Join us for a special event and book signing with Gwenna Laithland, local author and creator of @mommacusses on TikTok. She’s known for her funny and honest take on modern parenting. Attendees can be among the first to grab her new book, “Momma Cusses: A Field Guide to Responsive Parenting & Trying Not to Be the Reason Your Kids Need Therapy.” Copies of her new book will be available from Full Circle Bookstore at the event.

STEAM Break at the Library
Metro Library locations will host “STEAM Break” events celebrating Science, Technology, Art, and Math during STEAM month.
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