By Ron Hendricks

$1,000 will be available for two students attending higher education this fall. Application for the scholarships are available thru the Central Oklahoma Chapter of Hearing Loss Association of America (COCHLAA). Visit the website at or pick up your application at the Hearing Helpers Room, 5100 N Brookline, Suite 100, Oklahoma City. This is the third year COCHLAA has offered scholarships to Oklahoma students. The applicant must have a hearing loss; however, there is no age requirement for application and the institution of higher education is the choice of the applicant — 4 year college, Community college, career tech, or any of the other varied higher education opportunities offered here in Oklahoma.
The mission of COCHLAA is to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss. by providing information, education, support, and advocacy. We offer two meetings monthly, held at the Lakeside Methodist Church, 2925 NW 66th, OKC. Evening meetings are held on the second Monday at 6:30 PM and the day meetings are on the third Thursdays at 1:30PM. Speaker’s subjects range from highly technical, such as the latest developments in hearing technology, to every day subjects like gardening, or computer safety. There is no charge to attend meetings or to be a member of COCHLAA. All meetings are open to the public . The Hearing Helpers Room (HHR) is open weekdays 10-3. You can’t buy anything at the HHR but you can see many different hearing assistive devices, and some can even be taken out for a trial in your own home. You will find COCHLAA members attending various meetings, health fairs,, and community events all around the Oklahoma City metro area and you can always get your questions answered. Have a Hearing New Year!