St. Anthony started one of the first hospital volunteer leagues in Oklahoma City.  With a volunteen and adult program, sixty years later the volunteer department is still thriving, as men and women of all ages seek the opportunity to give back to their community.
“When I was a teenager I was a volunteen at St. Anthony, and I loved it.  I helped various departments with clerical duties, and visited with patients and family members,” said Martin Villafana, MSN, RN, Care Manager at St. Anthony Hospital.  “Looking back at my volunteen time, it ended up being a network of family I have never been exposed to.  A lot of the employees at St. Anthony saw me as a child in the halls, to now being an employee today.”
Villafana volunteered at St. Anthony during his teen years and later returned as an employee.  “St. Anthony helped me achieve my educational goals,” he stated.  While working at the hospital he continued his education, receiving a scholarship from St. Anthony as well as participating in the student reimbursement program.  Today Villafana has been with the hospital for ten years.
This month St. Anthony will be celebrating a family of volunteers that continues to grow.  From volunteens to volunteers, these are exceptional people who have made a difference by their mission to serve.
St. Anthony volunteers assist at the main campus in Midtown Oklahoma City, St. Anthony South, and all four of the St. Anthony Healthplex campuses.  If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity, please call 405-272-6266, or go to for more information.