Story and photo by Van Mitchell, Staff Writer

Nerve Renewal opened its Edmond location last December, and held a ribbon cutting March 18. Pictured left to right is, Teri Thompson, COO of Nerve Renewal, Jimmy Steele, co-founder and Director of Patient Growth, Glenn Cope, co-founder and Vice-President, and Edmond Mayor Darell Davis.

Nerve Renewal continues to spread its footprint across Oklahoma with a new location in Edmond, located at 3520 South Boulevard, Suite 100.
Hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday.
Mark Cope, community relations liaison for Nerve Renewal, said their Edmond location was added to address a growing metro patient base.
“We have five locations now,” he said. “We’ve got one in northwest Oklahoma City, southwest, Oklahoma City, Norman and Midwest City, and now Edmond. Shawnee is coming online hopefully by the end of next month, Broken Arrow is soon to follow with plans also in Stillwater, and Bartlesville. People with neuropathy are in pain a lot of the time and they don’t want to travel very far. We’re really trying to get within 20-30 minutes of everyone we can.”
Glenn Cope, co-founder and Vice-President of Nerve Renewal said the Edmond location opened last December, and has seen a steady growth of patients.
“I think they’re almost at full capacity already after only being open for four months,” he said. “A lot of these people are in pain, a few of them are driving themselves and they just don’t have the tolerance for long trips.”
Nerve Renewal’s mission is to help Oklahomans renew their quality of life through innovative nerve pain treatments that provide safe and effective relief so that their patients reclaim their joy, mobility, and freedom.
An estimated 20 million Americans are living with chronic pain or numbness due to neuropathy and nerve damage.
Nerve Renewal treatments are FDA-cleared and use a drug-free treatment which involves electrical stimulation combined with a vitamin B-12 complex nutrient blend that helps reduce neuropathy-related nerve pain and does not require recovery time after treatment.
80 percent of patients experience a long-term reduction in pain without surgery or medication through the use of proven electrical stimulation treatments.
A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held March 18 at the Edmond location, and was attended by members of the Edmond Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Darrell Davis, and others.
During that ceremony, Jimmy Steele, co-founder and Director of Patient Growth at Nerve Renewal, told attendees the types of patients Nerve Renewal treats.
“Does anybody know anybody that has diabetes? Does anybody know anybody that’s undergone chemotherapy treatment,” Steele asked attendees. “That’s what we typically help. When you are going through those things, you’re experiencing nerve pain, incredible amounts of pain.”
Steele said for most people experiencing that pain, they think medications are their only option.
“For most people, the only solution that they know for that is a medication like Gabapentin or Lyrica,” he said. “And if you’ve ever had it, if you know anybody that’s been on it that’s kind of experiencing life in a fog, it’s not exactly the best experience. But if you’re in pain, there are very few other options. What makes us different is that we are that other option. There is no medication, there are no surgical implants. It’s a treatment and relief from pain. And for patients who are experiencing a lot of numbness as well in their hands and their feet, they get to regain that feeling. That’s our big thing. That’s who we serve.”
Latrica Dorsey, Supervisory Nurse Practitioner, told attendees that Nerve Renewal does more than just improve a patient’s quality of life.
“The big thing with our clinics is more just improving the quality of life of people. We have a lot of patients that come in here just for chronic pain, or a lot of nerve damage, but it can be from anything,” she said. “I mean, our goal is to make sure that their quality of life is improving. And, over time when they come to these treatments, we hear stories, oh, I can walk better. Oh, I can stand up longer. These are things that we’re looking for in the community. And we’re hoping that we can give more people to come in and experience what we’re actually giving to the patients that come here so they can understand that. You don’t have to be in pain, you don’t have to have this medication.”
Mayor Darrell Davis said Edmond welcomes Nerve Renewal to town.
“I’m glad you’re here,” he said. “I’m glad you’re bringing this option to our community. I’m glad you’re here. You’re on one of the busiest streets (in Edmond), so the (Edmond) Chamber’s going to do a great job at getting your message out.

For more information about the Edmond location call (405) 754-4005 or visit