The Metropolitan Library System is thrilled to announce the launch of its Strategic Plan Survey, inviting community members to shape the future of libraries across Oklahoma County.
“By participating in this survey, individuals have the opportunity to directly influence the evolution of their local libraries, ensuring they remain vibrant and responsive to the diverse communities they serve,” said Larry White, CEO of the Metropolitan Library System.
The Strategic Plan Survey aims to gather valuable insights from guests to better understand their preferences and needs regarding programs, services, materials, technology and future library locations.
“We hope to build four new libraries in the next decade, and we need to know where to put them,” said White. “We believe that involving our community in the planning process is crucial to building libraries that truly meet their needs.”
The survey, available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese, is available at Participants who complete the survey are eligible for a prize drawing, with ten Amazon Fire tablets and ten insulated tumblers up for grabs. The survey is open until May 10.
The grand opening for the new Almonte Library, located at 2727 SW 59th, is scheduled for May 15 at 10 a.m.