Mercy family medicine physician Dr. Erica Dearman has shifted the focus of her practice to meet the unique needs of Medicare patients in the Oklahoma City metro area.
Dearman, a Mercy primary care physician since 2019, is passionate about caring for seniors and older adults and helping them navigate the natural life changes that come with aging.
“Many seniors are suddenly facing complex medical diagnoses, decreased physical abilities and fewer social interactions than they used to have,” Dr. Dearman said. “The focus of my practice and this new model of care is to work closely with these patients to help them optimize their quality of life in all areas.”
Dr. Dearman’s Medicare patients will have extended visit times and be seen more frequently to keep chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease under control.
“The heart and soul of my practice is to help seniors stay out of the hospital and lead long, healthy lives,” Dr. Dearman said.
Patients will also have access to the full suite of services available to all Mercy patients, including Mercy on Call, the after-hours help line staffed by a full Mercy care team, and access to MyMercy, a free app and website that make it easy to manage doctor visits, medications, tests and billing in one convenient place.
Dr. Dearman will see patients at Mercy Clinic Primary Care – Edmond Memorial. Call (405) 341-7009 to schedule an appointment or book online here.