Getting a flu shot protects you, your family and the community from getting sick. The Oklahoma City VA Health Care System provides flu shots and COVID vaccinations for Veterans and they are going one step further. Veterans can also visit participating pharmacies and community care partners and get free vaccinations closer to home. Eligible Veterans can get a no-cost flu shot from a nearby VA clinic or within your community from one of nearly 65,000 in-network pharmacies or urgent care locations.
Keep in mind:
To get a no-cost vaccine, the provider must be part of VA’s community care network.
If you receive a flu shot from a non-network provider, you may be responsible for the cost of the vaccine.
Retail pharmacies include most supermarket and local pharmacies.
Many urgent care locations offer walk-in care.
Call ahead to see if a pharmacy or urgent care site:
participates in the VA flu shot program.
offers the specific flu vaccine that you prefer
To learn more about the program the VA provides fact sheets, language options are available in English or Spanish versions. Flu vaccines are usually available September through April. Use our on-line VA locator to find locations.
And if you would like to get both vaccinations, you now can safely get shots for flu and COVID at the same time – one visit, two vaccines. (Call ahead to make sure COVID vaccine available). Remember, if you go to a local urgent care for your vaccine, the visit must be for vaccination ONLY for it to be covered. If you seek additional treatment on top of receiving the flu or COVID vaccine, you may be responsible for a co-payment.
You are eligible to receive a no-cost flu shot at an in-network retail pharmacy or urgent care location if:
You are enrolled in the VA health care system
You received care from a VA provider or an in-network community care provider within the past 24 months.
How do I know if I am eligible?
Call 800-MyVA411 (800-698-2411) Select option 1 (urgent care information or check urgent care eligibility). The system will verify your eligibility for the community urgent care benefit, which includes the flu vaccination.
Or call the OKC VA at 1-405-456-1000 option 2 or find your local VA facility
Your state may have age and health-related restrictions.
For more information, please visit the below link: