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If you’ve been the primary caregiver for your senior loved one from afar, then you’ll know that there will probably come a time when moving closer to them might benefit them more. Senior News and Living shares how to make that move.

Decide if the Move is Right for You Both

Making the decision to relocate in order to be closer to a loved one signifies a monumental adjustment in your life, entailing not only geographical shifts but also emotional and relational transitions. The importance of thorough communication cannot be overstated in this context, ensuring that both parties harbor a mutual understanding and agreement regarding the impending move.

By affirmatively confirming that you and your loved one are unequivocally on the same page, you safeguard against the potential pitfalls of unmet expectations and misaligned future visions. A successful transition in such a critical life choice pivots on the axis of clarity, shared goals, and a unified approach to navigating the challenges and joys that lie ahead.

Decide Whether to Buy or Rent

Embarking on the quest for suitable properties promptly is imperative, alleviating one considerable concern from the multitude that typically accompanies moving. The dilemma of choosing between buying and renting can often hinge on multiple factors, including your certainty level regarding the permanency of your relocation.

Opting to buy a house undeniably signals a significant decision, embedding a degree of permanence and commitment to your new locale. Therefore, if hesitancy or unpreparedness to fully commit pervades your decision-making, embracing the flexibility of renting might emerge as the judicious choice for this juncture in your journey.

Buying and Selling at the Same Time

Embarking on the journey of buying and selling a house simultaneously can be a challenging yet exhilarating venture, demanding meticulous planning and strategic execution. Sellers often find themselves in a tightrope walk, balancing the intricacies of coordinating settlements, managing financing, and ensuring a seamless transition from one abode to another.

It’s paramount to engage a proficient real estate agent who possesses the expertise to skillfully navigate through this complex process, ensuring that both transactions progress smoothly and aligning the timelines to avoid potential pitfalls or a temporary homelessness scenario.

Prepare for the Move

BigSteelBox notes that another detail that you want to take care of sooner than later is finding a credible moving company that will assist in making your move-to-be as seamless as possible. Professional movers are notorious for scams, so be alert to things like deals that sound too good to be true, or a refusal to put estimates in writing. So take your time by checking out reviews and testimonials before making your final decision.

Speaking of moving, perhaps you need to move your business with you. Again, you’ll want to plan way in advance if you want the move to have as little impact on your business as possible. If you need to reorganize in your destination state, use a formation service for info about how to transfer an LLC to another state. It also might be helpful to have a policy drawn up of who will be responsible for what if you are not available for any reason.

Finding a reliable moving company is a must, as is labeling any and all boxes as accurately and descriptively as possible. Also, it may be helpful to have some staff members working remotely to help keep your business running as per normal while your staff adjusts to working on the move, so to speak.

Reconnect with HS Alumni

If your parents are still in your old hometown, it may be an ideal time to reconnect with friends from school, which is as easy as using an online search portal – simply input the person’s name, high school, and year of graduation. Not only is it a chance to refresh old friendships, but your peers are likely facing some of the same challenges. You can support one another as you catch up on each other’s lives.

Build a New Network

Moving your business to a new state can seem daunting, but it’s an opportunity to expand your network and explore new partnerships. To start, consider attending semi-professional meetups or joining relevant LinkedIn groups in your new location. Leveraging existing contacts for introductions to locals can also be beneficial. A key aspect of networking is the exchange of business cards.

Determine Your New Living Arrangements

Once you have relocated, you’ll have to decide on what everyone’s new living arrangements will be. Of course, it’ll probably come down to one of two options – either your loved one will live with you, or you’ll have to find a senior living community that can provide the level of care and supervision they need. points out that if you are considering moving them to a nursing facility, then you’ll have to have a difficult conversation with them to help allay any concerns and fears they may have regarding moving somewhere new, especially if it means them losing the independence they have.


You may also feel like living with your loved one is the better option for now, so that you can get a sense of their current abilities and limitations. In this situation, hold onto items they still hold dear so that they aren’t confronted with too many drastic changes all at once. Your loved one may have difficulty with cleaning, so it’s a good idea to help out. Be sure to use carcinogen-free cleaners to avoid any sensitivity issues.

Moving a Business

Assisting a senior loved one in relocating their business to another state involves meticulous planning, covering both tangible and bureaucratic aspects of the move. The physical move entails careful packing, transporting, and setting up the business in the new location, ensuring that every item and piece of equipment is handled with utmost care to prevent any damage or loss. Concurrently, the paperwork, often an undervalued aspect of such transitions, demands equal attention; from updating the business address in all legal documents to ensuring compliance with the new state’s regulations.

Additionally, an often-overlooked component that warrants a scrutinizing eye is the business name, especially in the context of whether it coincides with a pre-existing entity in the new state. Given the intricacies of business naming rights, which fluctuate based on first-use in commerce and vary from state to federal levels, ensuring the chosen business name does not infringe upon another’s rights or violate regional or national trademarks becomes imperative to avert any potential legal entanglements.

Move Forward with Changes

This is a difficult time for you and your aging loved one, but the tips above should help make the transitions easier for you both. If you decide to rent and not buy in the interim, it’ll give both of you the time to decide what you want as far as long-term living arrangements go. If you both feel that a more structured community with the ability to transition from less to more care is best, then check out your assisted living options with your loved one.

Remember to be patient and ease your loved one into these changes. They signal a big transition in their life that can be scary and difficult to accept. The goal is to provide quality care, so keep that at the forefront of your decision-making.