Arcadia Trails, a 40-bed facility opened May 28th, is Oklahoma’s newest and most advanced residential drug and alcohol treatment center, situated among the rolling hills and oak forests between Lake Arcadia and Edmond on the medical campus of INTEGRIS Health Edmond.
Arcadia Trails is an intensive residential treatment center, and the first of its kind in Oklahoma, which means Oklahomans can be treated close to home. Studies show close-to-home treatment enhances aftercare and access to family support, which can be vital for continued recovery. Addiction, which is the number one cause of death in Oklahomans ages 25 to 64, is holistically addressed at Arcadia Trails, along with its co-occurring and compounding issues – mental illness and trauma – while incorporating the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.
The evidence-based treatments at Arcadia Trails comprise one of the most comprehensive addiction programs the region has seen. It begins with thorough, in-depth medical and psychological evaluations that inform the development of an individualized, integrated, intentional treatment plan for each patient.
The program also includes medication-assisted treatment when appropriate, overseen by Dr. Kimberlee Wilson, who is the Arcadia Trails addiction psychiatrist and medical director. Though the program is built on the medical model of addiction as a disease, Arcadia Trails also offers varied spiritual paths as well as an integrated family program and comprehensive aftercare planning.
To learn more, please visit the Arcadia Trails website.