by Ron Hendricks

May was better Speech & Hearing month. What did you do to preserve or improve your hearing in May? Your Central Oklahoma Chapter of Hearing Loss Association of America (COC HLAA) encourages you to protect your valuable hearing by getting a hearing test — many Audiologists offer it for free. You should contact local public venues that are too loud and ask for the volume to be reduced and support businesses who offer quietness. Encourage public places where people gather to install a hearing loop so those who wear a hearing aid or Cochlear implant can hear too. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990 and most public places here in Oklahoma still don’t offer hearing assistance as required by the ADA. When you have the opportunity, let them know you disapprove and encourage them to comply with the law.
COC HLAA offers meetings, free and open to the public, that are captioned so you can see as well as hear what is being said. Meetings that are fun and informative, educational & inspirational, and offer discussions about the law, the latest technology, and where you might even get a snack! Maybe you require a different kind of support… COC HLAA offers it: Scholarships to students attending higher education. Oklahoma Loop Initiative by offering seed money to assist with the instillation of hearing loops in gathering places. The Hearing Helpers Room where one can receive information about and test a myriad of assistive listening devices.?? And even a contest for a hearing aid complete with Audiologist’s supporting visits. Visit the website for more details,
If you have hearing loss or know of others who are struggling to hear normal conversations; someone who complains that you mumble or don’t speak plainly enough; a person who works in a noisy environment; a returning veteran; you are invited. Come check out the local chapter of Hearing Loss Association of America. There is no membership fee, only free information, self advocacy, fun & friendship and knowledge of how to open the hearing world to your full enjoyment.