Christina fell in love with gerontology largely because of the experiences with her grandmother. (Photo provided)
Christina and Steven Sibley are helping seniors make one of the most important healthcare decisions they will ever face. (Photo provided)

by Bobby Anderson, Staff Writer

Most people choose the jobs they want to pursue.
For Christina Sibley, the job chose her.
Christina has been a healthcare provider for more than 20 years. She’s taught medical assisting and phlebotomy.
She’s worked in doctor’s offices, labs, hospitals and home care, always with a passion for her patients.
But it was a suggestion from husband, Steven, that brought it all together.
“I feel like God put me on the Earth for a reason,” she said. “I have a specific set of skills, experience and education that allow me to do things for people, they have put me in a unique position to be able to do things for people that others just don’t have the ability to do.”
Christina and her husband own and operate Sibley Insures.
Actually, it’s more than that.
They live it.
An average of 10,000 people age into Medicare each day.
Licensed Health insurance producers in Oklahoma and Kansas, serving OKC, Tulsa, and beyond, the Sibleys are a wealth of information when it comes to making one of the most important healthcare decisions most of us will ever face.
And that yearly decision is fast approaching.
The last few months of the year the Sibleys’ business goes into overdrive with Medicare enrollment beginning October 15 and running through December 7.
“A broker, like myself, is someone contracted with multiple carriers so they aren’t beholden to a specific carrier and they’re not trying to fit someone into the only tool they have,” Christina explained of what she does. “A broker is able to find the right tool for the client and their specific needs.”
“You would be surprised at how many people who are on Medicare, and have been for a long time, who don’t understand how it works. They’ve never really been given a good education.”
That’s the “what” when it comes to Sibley Insures.
The “why” runs deeper.
Christina Sibley tears up when she talks about her grandmother, whom she was able to care for in her final few years.
“She was a widow, a homemaker her whole life, whose husband died at a young age unexpectedly,” she said. “She lived on a very low income and had significant health issues. I watched her struggle for a long time, especially with paying for medications.”
Planning on going to school to become a physician’s assistant, Christina fell in love with gerontology (the study of aging issues), largely because of the experiences with her grandmother.
“My desired patients were going to be geriatric patients. That’s who I love. That’s who I love to work with,” she said. “When Steve suggested I go into insurance I was not interested at all.”
“She thought I was nuts,” Steve said with a laugh. “When she found out about Medicare and what she could do for seniors it was like the lightbulb came on. These were not only the people she wanted to serve but as an educator she was able to use her experience and skills to truly make a difference.”
Behind her the whole way is Steve, who brings 15 years of financial services expertise and 36 years of military service to the business.
She’s always had a passion for education.
“The best part of what I do now … I can spend two or three hours with somebody and really get to know them, help them understand so they can make their own choices,” she said. “As an educator you have to be able to break complex things down into something people can relate to.”
With Covid 19 restrictions ongoing, many seminars and educational opportunities to help seniors make an informed decision will likely not occur this year throughout the industry.
“That has been in the back of my mind but my clients, the people who are already with me, understand they have access to me all year,” she said. “They’re used to ‘Hey, I have a question. I’m going to call Christina.’”
She said “this year, in particular, there are many tools available to meet and enroll virtually, if that’s someone’s preference.”
In person or on the phone, Christina has always prided herself on being accessible to her clients and the people who are referred to her by her clients.
Answering a question, or giving her opinion – it’s always about the client.
“One of my favorite sayings is do the right thing for the sake of the right thing,” she said. “Just do the right thing for people, it’s that simple. I decided early on that I was going to do it that way, period. I’ll either be successful at it or I won’t be, but I’ll do it in a way that I can look at myself in the mirror each day and be happy with what I do.” Visti: