How did you get to school when you were young?  Fountain Brook

“I drove a car to and from school at the age of 14.  We only had the one car so I would drive it home for lunch so my dad could have it and then, I would walk back to school which was a long walk.” Cecil Hewitt

“I walked to school in elementary.  I walked with some friends in junior high and in high school, I rode a trolley car.” Rosemary ‘Skip’ McDonald

“I lived way out in the country and I would have to walk across the land and cross creeks to get to school.  Sometimes, one of the teachers would pick me up and I would ride with her.” Helen Mayer

“In grade school, it was 2 blocks away and I walked.  In junior high, it was 7 blocks away and I walked.  In high school, I rode the bus.” Mickey Tyo