OIGA Conference and Trade Show slated for Aug. 9-11 in Tulsa

The 2022 Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA) Conference and Trade Show, otherwise known as ‘the biggest little show in Indian Gaming,’ will be held in Tulsa Aug. 9-11, in Tulsa’s Cox Business Convention Center. and will draw nearly 3,000 vendors, visitors and guest speakers to downtown Tulsa to celebrate and advance our industry.
The event begins bright and early on Tuesday with the annual John Marley Golf Tournament, an event which raises scholarship funds for folks who work in the gaming industry and their dependents. Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association established the John Marley Scholarship in 2008 to provide educational opportunities for OIGA member employees and their families. The John Marley Scholarships are dedicated to the search for knowledge and the provision of scholarships for eligible individuals in order to attend accredited colleges, universities and trade schools in Oklahoma or other states. Since 2014, OIGA has awarded 54 scholarships. Learn more about the history of the Tournament here.
In Oklahoma, Tribal Gaming has yielded countless contributions, large and small, to Oklahoma’s job market, economy, educational offerings and quality of life. OIGA Chairman Matthew L. Morgan, explains: “Tribes are wonderful community partners in Oklahoma. We create jobs, build roads and hospitals, invest in our public schools and universities, support nonprofits and create programs to serve citizens, Tribal and non-Tribal, who need assistance within our communities. Each year, when we gather at our Conference and Trade Show, we celebrate this industry which has allowed us to do so much. We are proud of our past, excited about things happening right now, and determined to leave the next generation an industry and an Oklahoma that they can take pride in.”
Conference sessions begin Wednesday at 9:30AM, and continue until noon, when attendees and vendors will celebrate the official opening of the Trade Show floor. From noon to 4PM, the floor will be open to attendees. New this year, the welcome party will transform into a Stay and Play reception on the Trade Show floor, from 4:00-6:30 PM. View the entire agenda here.
Conference session topics will include:

– National Landscape on Sports Betting: Bills, Stakeholders and the
– SCOTUS and District Court Decisions: Impact to Indian Country
– Oklahoma Tribal Economic Impact Report Review
– Diversity and Inclusion in STEAM Career Development
– Active Shooter: Preparations Saves Live
Oklahoma is home to one of the largest gaming markets in the United States with more than 80,000 electronic machines on the floors of our over 130 operations. The OIGA Conference and Trade Show has always been the largest regional show in the country and is looking forward to hitting that mark again.
To register or for more information visit oiga.org.