Darlene Franklin is both a resident of a nursing home in Moore, and a full-time writer.

By Darlene Franklin

Fifty books in with her latest novel, “Mermaid’s Song,” historical author Darlene Franklin is still going strong and looking forward to another fifty titles.
“I love finding a historical tidbit and teasing it into a story,” Franklin said. “I love growing a story from a character, an idea, a setting, an event. There is never enough time to tell them all.”
Franklin recently celebrated her Jubilee title, “Mermaid’s Song,” with 500 supporters joining her in an online Facebook gathering July 10.
The well-received story is an imaginative retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale, set on the shores of historic Maine with a shipwrecked Acadian beauty and her rescuer.
Franklin’s storytelling career took off in 2005 with “Romanian Rhapsody.” Her first historical novella, “Dressed in Scarlet,” finaled for the 2008 American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year award as part of the Barbour novella collection, “Snowbound Colorado.”
“That gave me the courage to continue, and the market was wide open,” she said.
While relishing the afterglow of celebration, Franklin is committed to five additional novellas over the next year and will be contributing devotions to an upcoming nonfiction collection.
“At the moment, I’m writing this year’s Christmas romance, ‘The Christmas Child,’ to be released by Forget Me Not Romances this September,” Franklin said. “Apart from that, the door is wide open. I’m looking at writing a single-author devotional book, and maybe contemporary romance or a cozy mystery.”
When not writing best-selling fiction, Franklin pens a column for Book Fun Magazine, “The View Through My Door,” her unique perspective on life from a nursing home. Franklin’s titles are available at online retailers as e-books and in print. Her complete list of fifty, as well as dozens of collections to which she contributed, can be found at https://www.amazon.com/Darlene-Franklin/e/B001K8993A.