Pamela Satchell (right), nurse at INTEGRIS Health Miami Hospital, with Shyanne Brandon.

This month hospitals across the country celebrated National Nurses Month, designed to honor the contributions and sacrifices nurses make and to highlight the critical role they play in our community. This week, we recognize the heroic actions of one off-duty nurse.
Shyanne Brandon, who is a nurse at INTEGRIS Health Miami Hospital, and Pamela Satchell were at the same company picnic at the pool when a life-or-death situation intertwined their lives forever.
They were honored during the second INTEGRIS Health “Home Run For Life” of the 2023 OKC Dodgers baseball season Saturday, May 20 at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark.
“Home Run For Life” recognizes individuals in the community who have overcome a significant medical event with the help of their families, physicians and health care professionals. To symbolize the end of their battle against adversity, honorees take a home run “lap” around the bases during a pregame ceremony.
Right Place, Right Time
Brandon was attending a company picnic that Satchell was working, handing out shirts to the attendees. After a hot day in the sun, Satchell decided to go down the slide into the pool. When Satchell got to the bottom of the slide, she realized something wasn’t right. “When I hit the water, it felt like somebody pulled me under the water,” she said. Satchell tried not to panic as she struggled to stay above the water and asked the lifeguard on duty for help. “That’s the last thing I remember,” she said.
At the time, Brandon was walking back from one of the food trucks when her grandmother directed her toward the commotion in the pool. She dropped her food and ran towards Satchell.
Brandon and her mother-in-law, Holly, pulled Satchell out of the pool and Brandon immediately got to work. “I first checked for a pulse,” Brandon said. “It was very faint.” She began performing CPR on Satchell. Some may have felt stressed in a similar situation, but Brandon kept her cool. “I felt this peace that I was in the right place and knew what I was doing,” Brandon said.
After three minutes, emergency services arrived to take over and bring Satchell to the hospital. When Satchell woke up, one of the first responders on the scene shared with her the reason she survived. “He informed me if it wasn’t for Shyanne and what she did, I wouldn’t be here,” Satchell said. “She’s my angel.”
Real Life Guardian Angel
Brandon came to visit her the day after the incident and brought Satchell a small figurine of an angel. “I just wanted her to have something there with her to bring her through this,” Brandon said.
After the incident, doctors discovered arteriovenous malformation in the brain, or a brain AMV, which is an abnormal connection between arteries and veins. Satchell brings the angel figurine to every doctor’s appointment and treatment.
“I just want Shyanne with me,” Satchell said.
The experience has made Satchell and Brandon inseparable and has given them both new perspectives on life. “This life can be over in a split second, but it also can be given right back to you in a split second,” Brandon said.
INTEGRIS Health and the OKC Dodgers applaud all nurses, not just during National Nurses Month (MAY), but every day of every year for their compassionate service both on and off duty.