The Oklahoma Mobility Institute (OMI), a connected organization to the Oklahoma Transit Association (OkTA), has been awarded a $10,000 local coalition grant from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).
“OMI is a relatively new organization, and we are honored to receive this funding from APTA to further our mission of helping to facilitate an unparalleled transportation ecosystem with advanced mobility connectivity through shared resources and interorganizational partnerships,” said OkTA Executive Director Andrea Ball.
The grant funding will be used along with seed money from OKTA to support a Mobility Summit Listening Session for the State of Oklahoma to learn what services and support are required by transit providers. It will help OMI to develop tactics to achieve its goals over the next three to five years to advance transportation equity, inclusion, and mobility access for all Oklahomans.
“OMI’s goals include reducing no-show rates for appointments to medical and social services, ensuring weekly food access options for each community, providing grant support and application assistance to public transportation providers, and promoting mobility coordination and coordinated use of federal transportation funding,” Ball said.
The funding will also fund an OMI website that will provide online access to mobility resources in Oklahoma.
“The future website address is, and we expect it to be completed this summer,” Ball added.
APTA provides grants to help the fight for public transportation. Generally, grants awarded to coalitions range from $5,000 to $10,000.