Collective Arts Productions, a Norman-based performing arts group dedicated to the incubation of emerging Oklahoma theater artists, presents its fourth season of new plays. The season of five plays spans June through October. Tickets for each play are priced on a sliding scale, allowing theater lovers to pay at a level that makes sense for them.
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First up is Where the Rabbits Roam No More by playwright Olivia Akers and directed by S M Boyer. “When Vel is knocked out by an unknown disaster, he awakes to find himself trapped underground and surrounded by four strangers. Facing the constant threat of starvation, Vel must soon decide who he is, who he loves, and, most importantly, who will help him escape.“ June 7-9 at The University of Oklahoma’s Old Science Hall.
Then, Co.Arts presents staged readings of two cutting-edge plays-in-development. First, The Fading People by playwright Lilia Ruiz Cruz and directed by Elise Bear explores a dystopic reality where loss of language separates us from our ancestors. Then, Influenced by playwright Anna Sofia McGuire, directed by Jenna Rowell, questions fame and consent in a coming-of-age story about an elite boarding school for creating online starlets. June 28-29 at The University of Oklahoma’s Old Science Hall.
Next is playwright Avery Ann Wolfe’s new play Lascaux, a historical fiction directed by Co.Arts Artistic Manager Morgan Simon. “In September of 1940 in Nazi-occupied France, just outside a rural village, two teenage boys discover a cave filled with the mark of early humanity; wall to wall, it brims with paleolithic art. Moved by what they find inside, two of these boys decide to return to guard the cave’s entrance. Lascaux imagines what those nights in the December cold might have looked like, at the confluence of pre-history and history.“ August 23-25 at Resonator Institute in Norman.
Finally, Co.Arts presents its sophomore creation from The Co.Hort, a form and genre-bending new play collaboratively written and performed by OKC’s most innovative emerging performance artists. Following last year’s inaugural Co.Hort creation, The Co.llective Arts Puppet Circus for Oklahoma, the 2024 Co.Hort promises to deliver an exciting, experimental creation. Stay tuned for more details!
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