South OKC Chamber staff and ambassadors joined Nerve Renewal for a ribbon cutting event in their S. May Ave. location.

Mark Cope, Community Relations for Nerve Renewal gave an interesting and understandable explanation of neuropathy and the unique Nerve Renewal protocol.

“Neuropathy is a tingling, numbness or pain in your hands and feet, basically your peripheral nervous system, it is everything that is not your brain or spinal cord,” he began.

“Our treatment is unique in that it is drug free. We aren’t adding any medicines to the medicine cabinet. It’s non-invasive, non-surgical and it’s covered by insurance. Medicare, Medicaid, VA and most private insurances will pay for our treatment. Mainly because what they really like to see is fall prevention. So they are willing to do some kind of preventative treatment,” he continued.

Jamie Crowe, Membership Director for South OKC Chamber, asked “How do you actually treat this without surgical or invasive procedures?”

“Our specialized equipment modulates the nerves on a deeper level. The muscles don’t contract with our therapy. We are going right to the nerves themselves. So we are able to depolarize the nerve cells – we turn the nerve signal off completely while they are in therapy,” Cope replied.

“At the same time we are injecting a vitamin solution at the area of the neuropathy. So that is a dual benefit. You have the pain signal being shut off and at the same time the nerve cell is allowing nutrients in from the blood stream. So it’s really creating conditions for nerve cells to improve functionality,” he continued.

“We are naturally helping the body into a state that is reducing the nerve signaling from whatever disorder has caused the pain.”

How many treatments do you typically go through if you were to need your services?” Crowe asked.

“Most get prescribe 24 treatments, coming in twice a week for 30 minutes. So the biggest commitment on a patient’s side is time. But about half way through the treatment they are feeling so much better that the time is no longer a factor,” Cope concluded.

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