Amanda Dirmeyer, M.Ed., President & CEO of Daily Living Centers Adult Day Services.

What are Adult Day Services?

As President and CEO of Daily Living Centers, I’m frequently asked to explain what Adult Day Services are and the benefits they provide. Adult Day Services are defined as: Structured, comprehensive programs that provide a variety of health, social, and related support services in a protected setting for some portion of the day. Its purpose is generally twofold: 1) To provide a safe environment for adults with disabilities during the day while providing programming that enhances mind, body, and spirit. 2) To provide hope, rest, and peace of mind for caregivers, many of whom find it necessary to continue to work.
Adult Day Services typically focus on adults of all ages with disabilities which may be physical, developmental, or intellectual. Common diagnoses include Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism, Down Syndrome, and other developmental disabilities.

What services are offered through Adult Day Programs?

Providers offer a variety of services to their participants. Healthy meals including breakfast, lunch, and snacks are a part of the daily routine. Assistance with ADLs (activities of daily living) including medication administration, feeding, showering, and personal care (toileting). Activities are designed for socialization, such as exercise, brain games, community outings, music therapy, art therapy, and more are integrated into adult day programs. Some also provide transportation to and from the center.

When is it time to consider adult day services?

If there is a need, the time is now to learn about adult day services. If you provide care to someone 18 or older with physical, intellectual, or developmental, disabilities, they should qualify. Caregivers typically need options for their loved ones after they graduate high school, especially if they cannot live at home alone. Seniors can also benefit from adult day services. Those who are independent attend just for socialization, while others need more assistance and care. We often hear caregivers say, “I wish I knew about adult day services a long time ago.” This is because of what it provided them personally and the opportunity it provided for their loved one to thrive in social environments. Increased socialization is so important in helping decrease isolation and depression, especially among older adults living at home.

How do I pay for Adult Day?

Adult Day Services are an affordable alternative to long-term care options, and typically cost 55% less than assisted living and in-home nursing services. While some centers are private pay, many have contracts with various funding sources. The average private pay rate in Oklahoma is $85 per day. If private pay is too costly, other sources of funding can be found through help from a social services staff member. Some centers offer full day rates, half day rates or even hourly rates. The VA contracts with many adult day service providers and pay for the veterans’ day services care. Developmental Disability Services (DDS) waivers and the Advantage Medicaid Waiver Program also provide funding for day services. Department of Health Services also provide funding based on the income criteria of the participant and their spouse. Long-term care policies can cover some adult day services which will be clearly explained in the terms of the policy. Respite vouchers can help pay some adult day expenses as well. These vouchers, offered through Sooner Success and Oklahoma Aging Services, provided limited amounts of money per quarter to use on respite services including adult day services, private duty in home care, and overnight respite stays, etc.

Why consider Daily Living Centers for Day Care Services?

Since 1974, Daily Living Centers (DLC) has provided rest and hope for caregivers. We are Oklahoma’s first and leading adult day provider and are in Edmond, Bethany, and SW Oklahoma City. We often hear that our services are “life-saving” for both our clients and their caregivers. With a fleet of 16 vehicles, including limos and wheelchair accessible vans, we provide door-to-door transportation and med rides. We have a staff of highly qualified, trained, and compassionate fulltime personnel along with many volunteers with a passion to serve others. They often come from the ranks of caregivers who’ve benefited from day service programs themselves. As a non-profit, our goal is to never turn anyone away due to lack of financial resources. Thanks to our generous donors and foundations, we have a scholarship fund available for those who cannot afford private pay but do not qualify for other funding assistance.
For more information about Daily Living Centers please contact Cindy Kanatzar, Director of Social Services at (405) 792-2401 or [email protected]. Or visit us on Facebook, Instagram, or our website!