VIPcare located at 12301 S Western Ave, Suite A-1 in Moore is now open and accepting new patients. The new clinic is located a little more than a quarter of a mile south of where S Western Ave crosses SW 119th St (close by Westmoore High School). Their hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am - 5 pm. Call for an appointment or more information at 405-877-6898.

Story and photos by Marise Boehs

With the opening of VIPcare’s newest location in the Moore metro area, seniors now have a new and innovative health care option.

VIPcare has been serving senior communities since 2006 in clinics across the southern United States. VIPcare cares for more than 80,000 Medicare beneficiaries utilizing a health management approach that prioritizes spending quality time with the physician.

By focusing on a senior care model and increasing access to high-quality care, VIPcare’s model is at the forefront of the future of healthcare, as opposed to the current system the healthcare organization refers to as “sick care.”  Patients are encouraged to see the doctor often instead of only when they are sick, contributing to their success in patient outcomes.

VIPcare’s goal is to always provide a better healthcare experience for their patients: Less time in the waiting room, more time with the doctor, and more time to care.

VIPcare promises to be there when their patients need them the most with same-day, urgent care appointments, 24/7 on-call provider, and transportation assistance.

Anna Covey, Community Liaison with VIPcare

Anna showcases one of the modern and comfy exam rooms in the Moore VIPcare location.

VIPcare is committed to delivering compassionate and preventive healthcare. This level of exceptional healthcare is something everyone should have access to. VIPcare specializes in primary care for individuals 65 and older. “We accept most Medicare Advantage plans and work personally with insurance plans to ensure families receive the coverage they need and deserve.”

We believe in better healthcare as opposed to ‘sick care. VIPcare eliminates potential healthcare burdens by offering same-day appointments and transportation assistance to and from appointments. Because our doctors only see an average of 12 to 15 patients a day instead of the industry standard of 25 to 35, they’re able to spend more time with patients, sometimes up to 30 minutes. This allows for a different mindset and a different way of providing care. At VIPcare, it’s about time. More time with the patient. More time to care.

Also, as the Community Liaison, Anna is available to assist with difficult paperwork, insurance, questions and other logistics for patients wishing to bring their primary care to VIPcare.

Jared Adams, M.D, Staff Physician

Dr. Adams is a board-certified primary care physician specializing in Family Medicine. He earned his medical degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and completed his residency at the Lincoln Medical Partnership in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dr. Adams has worked in numerous medical fields, including family medicine, obstetrics, urgent care, and emergency medicine.


“When you come in here you will see us every time. We are the staff and we will NOT let you wait in the lobby or in the exam room for more than a few minutes.”


What can I say? This place is as advertised!

In an effort to get the real and full story, I decided to get involved in the VIPcare process and see for myself.

STEP 1: I scheduled an appointment and gave my insurance cards to Tanisha to process. Fortunately, my BCBS policy is accepted by them. So just like that, I was in with an appointment for two days later.

STEP 2: I showed up on time to my appointment. Tanisha greeted me as I came in the door. She was simply sitting at her desk, open to the lobby. No big plastic window barrier or nothing! She had some basic and traditional paperwork for me to fill out, which only took a couple of minutes. We chatted about the weekend and TV sports and kids playing softball while I checked the boxes. It was nice.

STEP 3: Paperwork finished, we went into an exam room. Now, when I say exam room, it is really more like someone’s den or sitting area. No computer. (Just digital scale that lies.) But anyway, Kelly did the basic nurse interview about meds I take and any problems or complaints – like the swollen arthritic joints in my hands. Blood pressure was a little high, and we talked about maybe why it was.

After chatting with her – and it did feel more like a friendly chat than an exam of my vitals – she left her notes on a clipboard on a chair saying the doctor would be in soon.

STEP 4: And, believe it or not, he really did come in soon!

We talked about all the stuff Kelly had made notes about.  And we talked about my fitness program, weight loss so far, and where I want to be going forward.

I am training for a 6-day, 230-mile bike ride starting June 2. I still have some weight to lose. But soon, I will need to focus more on strength and endurance.

Dr. Adams was all about it! We decided to do a blood panel and check back in a month to formulate a plan to get me to my goal.

I could not feel better about my experience with

VIPcare and look forward to working with them to stay healthy, live my life, and ride many more trails – 75 years and counting!!