Don Narcomey, local artist, is currently working on the fourth installment of crucifixes he makes for the St. Anthony Healthplex facilities.
Each facility has 12 emergency rooms, with each one containing a custom built niche to house and light his beautiful crucifixes.
Narcomey is a talented artist using a variety of woods and other materials for his works and uses special care when searching for the right pieces. “For the Christ figure, I go out into the woods or rummage through torn out shrubbery and search for branches that have a “pose” that suggests a Christ figure.”  Finding the perfect material for his work is just the start, as he later returns to his studio to cut, grind, and carve these figures to take on a life of their own.
Narcomey’s newest creations will be displayed at the new St. Anthony Healthplex North location located on North Western Avenue.  St. Anthony Healthplex North officially opened its doors the last week of February.