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by Rix Quinn

Maybe you’ve hear the old tale of a little boy named David who walks to school down the same street every day. And each day he passes the house of an older couple. Actually, they’re not that old…maybe in their 60s.
Whenever he talks to them, the old man says pretty much the same thing: “David, we plan to go on vacation soon. Will you watch our house while we’re gone?”
David always says yes. David walked by there for five years…but he never saw the couple leave the house.
Then one day David passes by, and the old lady’s in the yard, and she’s crying. “What’s the matter?” David asks.
“Bob died yesterday,” she says. “And you know what? Next week, we were leaving for vacation.”
Well, David never could get that image out of his head. And now, 30 years later, he and his family never miss a chance to travel together.
Yes, it’s always prudent to plan for tomorrow. But David discovered it’s also important to live for today.

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