Tammy Williams, LPN and director of nursing at Ash Street Assisted Living Center and owner Joe Chappell provide services for the elderly with their independence in mind.

NewView Oklahoma has been awarded $20,000 from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation’s Services for the Elderly iFund Grant Program. This grant will be used to support NewView’s Safe and Healthy Meals Program.
The overarching goal of the Safe and Healthy Meals Program is to keep unsupported seniors in their homes longer by helping them reach their full potential for independent meal preparation – from fixing a sandwich or a bowl of cereal, to heating food in a microwave, to using a stove or oven, to prepare a hot meal. Less dependent on others and more confident and safe in the kitchen, participants receiving this training will be able to live healthier lives with greater independence in their own home.
“We’re delighted to be awarded this grant from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation,” said Lauren Branch, NewView’s President and CEO. “These funds will enable us to expand the Safe and Healthy Meals Program to our elderly clients and allow them to develop the skills needed to remain active and independent in their own homes.”
Founded in 1969, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation works with donors to create charitable funds that will benefit our community both now and in the future. The Services for the Elderly iFund grant represents a compilation of donations made by donors to benefit an organization offering direct services to individuals to help them continue to live independently. Two additional iFund grant programs provide support for organizations providing access to health care and providing opportunities for children. For more information on these grants, please visit www.ifundokc.org.
To learn more about NewView Oklahoma’s programs, or clinical services operated by the organization, please visit www.newviewoklahoma.org.