Stacey Wilson, who recently brought her adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner certification (AGNP-C) background to the Northwest clinic poses with treatment equipment.

Story by Darl DeVault, contributing editor

Nerve pain is a debilitating condition that affects a significant portion of the population, particularly seniors. The Northwest Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic (NRNC), located in the shared medical building Edgewater Medical Center is rapidly building more local facilities to address the nerve pain seniors experience.
The NRNC celebrated its first anniversary on March 23 with a community coffee sponsored by the Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber, followed by a ribbon cutting and open house. This Northwest NRNC was the first opened in the greater Oklahoma City area, followed by clinics in South Oklahoma City and recently Norman.
The clinic’s mission is to help Oklahomans renew their quality of life through innovative nerve pain treatments that provide safe and effective relief so that patients reclaim their joy, mobility, and freedom. The Nerve Renewal clinic treats all types of neuropathic pain. This includes diabetic, chemotherapy induced, autoimmune, injury sustained, and surgically related to name a few.
The three clinics and the new one to be opened in June in Midwest City are making therapy more accessible to patients who may have difficulty traveling long distances due to persistent nerve pain. Patients do not need a doctor’s referral to receive treatment. The clinics offer Electroanalgesia (EA) treatments, which have been approved by Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA and have been shown in studies to provide long-term pain reduction for up to 80 percent of patients without surgery or medication.
NRNC CEO Tim Bales, 60, said the Northwest clinic staff has provided 6,500 treatments in the year it has been open. “The number of Oklahomans our ability to help with their nerve pain has been way above our expectations,” Bales said. “Our staff care about their patients and are good at their jobs. We proudly introduce Stacey Wilson today, who recently brought her adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner certification (AGNP-C) background to our Northwest clinic.”
EA treatments involve a series of 16 to 24 injections of a pharmaceutical-grade nutrient blend combined with EA to relieve most symptoms. The high-frequency energy used in the therapy blocks the pain signal in the injured part of the body, providing lasting relief with no recovery needed. The treatments mimic nerve signaling and help the circulation in the patient’s extremities to further promote nerve healing.
The EA treatments reduce edema, inflammation, and analgesia, facilitating metabolism in the neuropathic extremity. Additionally, it stimulates peripheral nerves to relieve pain while increasing local blood circulation to provide symptomatic relief of chronic pain. EA therapy is covered by major insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA.
“This therapy is one of the oldest medical treatments available,” said Stacey Wilson, AGNP-C. “Ben Franklin used an electrical device to treat frozen shoulder symptoms, and it spares your organs in helping the patient become more mobile.” A certified adult-gerontology nurse practitioner is an APRN specializing in treating adults and geriatric populations with more than 500 hours of supervised clinical experience.
“My background is in Medical Oncology so I’ve caused quite a bit of chemotherapy induced neuropathy through necessary cancer treatments,” Wilson said in an interview. “I am very excited to join Nerve Renewal so I can help relieve neuropathic pain and provide needed comfort to increase the quality of life for my patients. Electric currents are the oldest documented form of medical treatment going back to ancient times. The medical term is Electroanalgesia and with advanced computer technology we are able to capitalize on the electrical properties of the body and successfully treat neuropathic pain. It is my pleasure to work with such a dedicated team at Nerve Renewal and I look forward to heading up the new Midwest City clinic soon.”
The clinics provide non-invasive treatments for neuropathy and nerve pain, relieving pain or tingling in the feet and hands. The three clinics treat peripheral neuropathy, chemotherapy-induced neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, phantom limb syndrome, and post-surgical nerve pain conditions.
Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that often results from damage to nerves located outside of the brain and spinal cord. It can cause pain, numbness, and weakness in the patient’s hands and feet, affecting walking or digestion. Peripheral neuropathy is typically caused by diabetes, chemotherapy, or trauma to the nerve endings, with sufferers describing the symptoms as stabbing pain or burning sensations.
The 16 Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber members attending welcomed the Northwest Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic with their traditional ribbon cutting for their newest member after everyone gathered and introduced themselves. Several members emphasized how the Chamber is proactive in helping small businesses in the area with services and growing.
In addition to the northwest location, the clinics are at 9821 S May Ave., Suite B, in OKC and 4019 N Flood Ave. in Norman. The newest is being prepared for a June opening in Midwest City at 8121 National Drive in the M.D. Medical Tower, a shared medical building. With the expansion of clinics in the greater Oklahoma City area, more patients can access this innovative treatment and renew their quality of life.
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