Forrest Landis

(Right) 100 years old. WWII Veteran Forrest Landis of Tulsa joined the Navy right out of high school. His ship the SS Kendrick, a destroyer, was hit by a torpedo in the Mediterranean Sea & returned to the US for repair. He was awarded several Medals. He worked as a research chemist until his retirement.

Barbee Ann Brown

(Left) 100 years old. Barbee Ann Brown of Tulsa celebrated with lots of family and friends. Barbee and her husband Jack married on her birthday in 1943. She attended Will Rogers High School and the University of Tulsa. Barbee has been a member of Memorial Baptist Church for 68 years and PEO service group for over 50 years!

Bill Lavel Stanfield

(Right) 100 years old. Bill Lavel Stanfield of Tulsa was born February 29, 1924. He enlisted in the Army at age 16 & served in WWII, Korea & Vietnam with the Company A-160th Engineer Combat Platoon. During WWII, he served in the Pacific Theatre, Hawaii, European Theatre, France and Germany & England, Normandy.

Sidney Horn

(Right) 100 years old. Sidney Horn of Sand Springs will be 101 on May 10 so we celebrated today and honored her as a Centenarian! She wore one of her special hats. Sidney told me she once had a collection of about 30 hats and wore one every Sunday to church.

If you know of a Centenarian you would like to honor visit Centenarians of Oklahoma