Hearing Loss Association of America, Central Oklahoma chapter heard from Dr Shannon Winters at the April meeting of the evening group. Dr Winters told us that there are an estimated 10 million Americans with noise induced hearing loss and another 40-50 million with Tinnitus, thought to be a precursor of hearing loss. The Doctor suggested that we should protect our hearing by avoiding excess noise. But the question raised was, “How can we know what is excess noise?” Some common sounds that are too loud are a lawn mower or chain saw. Music is often too loud, like concerts and ear buds, even driving with your windows down could be loud enough to damage your hearing. A Thunder basket ball game is definitely too loud for hearing and even some churches play their music too loud. What can we do to protect our valuable hearing? There are three things that people can do to protect their hearing: Move away from the sound, turn the volume down, or wear hearing protection.
Hearing Loss Association of America Central Oklahoma Chapter (HLA) has 3 meeting times each month for your convenience. Evenings; 2nd Monday , 7PM, Lakeside Methodist Church, 2825 NW 66, OKC. Norman group, 2nd Saturday, 9:30AM, Norman Regional Hospital Education Center, 901 N Porter Ave. Day group; 3rd Thursday, at 1:30PM at Lakeside Methodist Church. Everyone is invited. All meetings are open to the public and there is no admission charge.