Former Congresswoman and U.S. Senate nominee Kendra Horn.

Recently, Former Congresswoman and U.S. Senate nominee Kendra Horn slammed the ongoing onslaught of corruption and cronyism that continues to run through all levels of Oklahoma’s current elected leadership:
“Corruption, cronyism and extremism have become hallmarks of too many of Oklahoma’s current elected leaders. They sow seeds of chaos, pitting us against our own families, friends, and neighbors with extremist policies meant to hide their real agendas and distract us from the fact that they aren’t fixing the real issues Oklahomans are facing.
They spend their time using labels and stereotypes weaponized to divide us, to hold onto power and line their pockets at our expense.
From a Congressman Markwayne Mullin who to took almost $1.3 million in COVID PPP money for his business on to turn around and vote against other Oklahoma small businesses receiving more PPP relief, to Governor Stitt who misuses taxpayer dollars and puts his corrupt friends in positions of power, the list of corruption in our state keeps growing longer each day.
The principles of those we elect matter. In November, we have an opportunity to clean house of corruption and extremism and elect leaders who put the people of Oklahoma before political parties and extremist ideologies on both sides of the aisle.”